“If you’re looking for a great, mobile dog/cat groomer, I highly recommend Amy. She is very caring and gentle on your Fur Baby. Not only did she give him a great bath and tried to help his very itchy skin, but she did an awesome job cutting his nails.. Which is NEVER easy! He loved his bath and was so happy afterwards. (Not all mobile groomers treat your babies well)”

Judy Arpadi
“My normally sweet cat was feisty and aggressive during the procedure and had never been groomed before. Amy persevered and in spite of the difficulties she was very professional and did a great job. In addition she’s a lovely person. I would highly recommend. It’s an added bonus that she comes to you in her van and there are no other animals to distract.”

“Doggy on Board, and Amy Mack, were just what we were looking for to groom our 8-yr old 14-lb Ragdoll cat. She washed and brushed him back to his old self, which had been compromised by diabetes. Amy did a great job! I would recommend her (and here really neat van) to all pet parents.
Best wishes, Lindsay Audin and Sunny Armer”

Joseph Ramondo
“This was our first experience using a mobile groomer and we are so happy to have found Amy! She is very compassionate, understanding, soft spoken our Poms did so well with her and have had the best cuts they have gotten so many compliments! Our boys will definitely be seeing Amy again!”

Alisa Galli
“I’ve been to lots of dog groomers with big and small dogs over the years and even one mobile dog groomer, but Amy at Doggy on Board grooming is hands-down the best grooming experience I’ve had in a long time. I have a very wiggly anxious 30 pound rescue dog that has a white fluffy double coat. I brought him to Petsmart recently (my first and last time) and was to say the least very unsatisfied with the job they did. Amy‘s experience and patience with my dog resulted in meticulous grooming and a much less anxious dog afterward. Her van looks brand new, state of the art and immaculate. I am so excited I found a convenient mobile groomer with patience, experience and obviously a passion for animals!”

Deb Sager
“Amy is wonderful! Love the convenience of having her come to the house- much less stress for the pups! Highly recommend.”

Emma Hedges
“We found a cat in an abandoned house she has long fur and serious matting all over. She was nervous around people so we feared we would have a hard time finding a groomer and cat groomers are already far and between. I contacted Doggy on Board groomers and spoke with Amy. To my surprise she was more then ready and willing to come to our place in Carmel/Mahopac and groom her and our husky as well who needed a good deshedding. Amy showed up at 8:30 am cheerful and prepared not needing anything but our pets. She looked over Maggie the matter cat and said “oh I can fix her with minimal cutting” and off they went and an hour later she was back and Maggie was matt free -nails trimmed ears clean and happy as can be and Franky our husky was next and when he came out he was fluffy and smelling delightful. It was nice to have someone come to the comfort of our home and do such a fantastic job of grooming both our pets Doggy on Board is top notch best grooming service we have ever had!”

Susanne Steele
“Amy was amazing!! She took her time and was gentle and patient with all 3 of my dogs. When she was finished, the looked and smelled amazing! Will have her back, for sure! Top notch groomer!”

Margo Seeley
“You were the first Mobile Groomer that I have experienced. You are a Godsend, so patient and soft spoken not just with me but my fur babies, which is most important to me, and I could sense all four of my dogs were comfortable and at ease with you being in their space , up close and personal! Lol !I think Miah tolerated the grooming process and a lot of that was because of your interaction with her, you made her feel safe and as comfortable as you could during her bath. She is so happy tonight, even kind of frisky! She is still awake at midnight and continues to get up often to come over to put her head on my lap or between my feet., I call it her” hug” MY husband Ed was in awe when I told him that Benny was exceptionally good which I don’t know if you thought he was, but for Benny he was very polite! I will definitely use you again for all my dogs now and in the future. I took a picture of your business card and shared it on my Facebook for my friends to see. It was so nice not to have to stress Miah out by traveling to and from the groomers. By the time I would get her there she be so stressed and frantic and then when I pick her up or even if I waited for her I took her home she would be all bug-eyed and antsy and couldn’t wait to just get back to her house. So I think that’s why both for my dogs were so good it’s because they were home… you came here! I on the other hand was able to continue with my afternoon chores that I wanted to get done and still check on Miah twice. This grooming service that’s you have is such a great concept! I I have heard of others through the years and I don’t know why I didn’t try a Mobile Groomer sooner. I had 2 Yorkies as well as Miah at one time I needed grooming several times a year It was always exhausting for all of us. I don’t know how long you’ve been grooming and mobile but I wish you the very best in this business.
I will pass your name and number around. Good night”

Elaine I
“Amy did an excellent job clipping my kitties nails. I love cats but have never been confident clipping their nails. Amy was on time and very professional. She really read each cats personality and worked with them based on their temperament. My kitten is very feisty. She was able to clip his nails and put on soft paws while he was getting anxious and aggressive. Amy remained confident and calm the entire time. She was very gentle to my 18 year old who is on the fragile side. There is an in home groomer the next town over but I decided to try Amy because her website conveyed alot of information about cat grooming which is not the norm as most seem to focus on dogs. Mobile cat grooming is ideal because let’s be honest who wants to actually put a cat in the car if you don’t have to. I look forward to our next appointment.
Don’t hesitate to give Doggy on Board (cats too!) a try.”

Christine Sears
“Doggy on Board groomer Miss Amy came right to my house and with professional and gentle hands gave my older cat a lion cut because she was badly. matted, bathed her and brought her back to me without any jitters or trauma. The cat is doing very well and I would highly recommend Doggy on Board for all your grooming needs.”

Lauren Ackerman
“Amy was on time, friendly, great with our dogs and the dogs were so clean and fresh after their grooming!!”

Cassidy Brighton
“I would recommend Doggy on Board to anyone! She was so patient and calm with my feisty cat and made the process unbelievably easy for me (a new cat mom who isn’t super comfy clipping her own cats nails yet). Prices are reasonable especially for how convenient it is so have someone come right to your house to care for your pet! I am so happy with the result and service and Pip is happy too!”


Denise Mauri
“Amy is amazing! Amy has been grooming my 5 fur babies for the past year. I have 5 toy poodles with very different personalities, she takes her time with them and if they need a break she stops and plays with them, then back to work. I totally trust her with them. I am so happy her services have gone mobile! No more driving back and forth for me. I don’t even have to be home, Amy has remote access to my home. My doggies get so excited when she drives up, they love Amy too! I whole heartily recommend her. Oh, and the prices are worth every moment she spends grooming and caring for your fur baby, you will not be disappointed!”


Tracy Knochen“By far the BEST pet groomer we have ever used!! Amy is so patient and kind and always does an amazing job!! And so great to have the mobile van come right to the house! We have one dog that requires a haircut and Amy is the only person who has cut her hair exactly as we described..our other dog hates getting his nails cut but Amy is clearly giving the Dog Whisperer a run for his money because his nails are always done perfectly and he comes back smelling delicious..with a smile from ear to ear!! They both adore her and so do we!! Can’t recommend her enough!!!❤️”

Christine Ottiano
5stars“I recently had my dog bathed by Doggy On Board Grooming. It was the first time I had used a mobile dog grooming service and I was extremely happy with the experience. Amy was quick to calm my dog and make her bath enjoyable and stress free. She was well taken care of and was even given paw balm to help out with the dryness on the pads of her paws. Of course she looked and smelled fabulous! The best part was the convenience of having her handed back to me at my front door. Thank you again for making it such an enjoyable experience for me and Dakota!”

Jodi Darling
5stars“Amy is amazing! Best grooming ever, highly recommend Doggy on Board.”

Kathleen Dunn
5stars“Holly (and I) had a great experience with her first grooming- and she looks awesome! Amy was great and made us both comfortable and at ease. I definitely recommend her. I couldn’t even imagine bringing and leaving Holly at a groomer for hours and at some to be left in a crate before and/or after being worked on. Thank you Amy ?”

Sallyanne Villegas
5stars“Amy is a wonderful caring groomer! Her main concern is your pets happiness and safety. I thoroughly intend to use her services again and will absolutely refer her.
Sallyanne ( Peanut’s Mom)”

Janet Sottile
5stars“I absolutely love that Amy can now come to my home to groom my 3 fur babies..she is an excellent groomer.
Olive, Guido and Stella love the way they look and smell after their time with Amy!!❤️?”

Stacy Zagon
5stars“I have two huskies and Amy was amazing with both of them. One enjoys getting a bath and being brushed and the other is more skittish. Amy took her time with both of them and they came out smelling great, looking amazing and best of all their tails wagging.
I’d recommend her to anyone! She loves what she does and you can tell.”

Meghan Kiser
5stars“Amy has been grooming our two Miniature Schnauzers every 4-5 weeks since Summer 2018 when we moved to the area. They are very high energy dogs and Amy quickly gets them settled down and feeling comfortable. Every time they see Amy they excitedly greet her! She carefully grooms them, gives them breaks as needed, and they always look great.
The mobile grooming station is very convenient!”

Maria Covillion
5stars“Amy was amazing with my shepherd, who can be very difficult during a grooming. She was able to “read” Zoey and adjust her pace to make her comfortable. Zoey looks great and Amy spent the time needed to remove all the loose fur. It was also great not having to drive, drop off, and then go back later to pick her up at a shop.
We will definitely be using Doggy On Board again!”

Linda Schuyler
5stars“Amy has been grooming my dog, Pippin, for months and I cannot give her enough praise. She is the quintessential professional who incorporates knowledge and kindness in taking care of him. He can be squirrelly at times, yet, she always finds a way to take the time to settle him. She listens to my questions and never fails to provide a perfect session. The Doggy on Board mobile unit is absolutely beautiful.
I totally recommend Doggy on Board without hesitation.”

Chantel M.
5stars“Amy is the best groomer I know! She takes the time needed with each animal & does the best groom for that breed! She truly cares about the entire experience she provides & is not only certified but is continuing her education as she goes! She is also a truly genuine lovely person!”

Laura M.
5stars“You could not ask for a more caring individual than Amy. I’ve entrusted my two dogs to her on several occasions. she has a heart of gold, a gift with all animals, and cares from the heart. Don’t wait, run, to have your pet groomed by Amy.”