Frequently Asked Questions

1. Don’t cats groom themselves?
The answer to that question is no!
They are not self-cleaning, but what cats do with their barbed tongue is licking. When they lick they are trying to remove excessive hair. Which brings us to reason #1.
1. Licking is not bathing any more than using your own tongue to take a bath is
Yeah, that’s pretty gross, and this also brings us to reason #2.

2. Hairballs
When excessive coat is not removed via combing and brushing, the cat swallows the hair. This leads to hairballs, and in extreme cases may result in megacolon. Megacolon is what happens when a cat cannot defecate due to impacted materials in their colon.

You also may have heard that all cats hate water. Well cats have skin and coat, just like a dog or a horse. All need to be regularly cleaned.

3. Prevent matting
Cats have a greasy coat, which can cause the hair to stick together rather than fall away during the shedding process. When excessive coat is not removed by combing and brushing, the hair begins to interweave and forms masses of tangles, or “mats” which become tighter and tighter as time goes by. These mats can cause skin irritations, open sores, and infections. Mats MUST be removed, but better yet can be prevented with regular grooming.

4. Professional cat groomers have tools, techniques and training to groom your cat.
Professional cat groomers know how to properly and safely use these tools and techniques on your precious cat. Education and training make all the difference!

5. Professional cat groomers use cat safe shampoos and conditioners.
Unfortunately the labeling on pet products is not regulated. The term “cat safe” is up to the manufacturer to make that determination. Professional cat groomers are savvy when it comes to choosing products that are absolutely safe for your cat.

Cats do benefit from regular grooming appointments! Keeping your cat healthy and beautiful is a worthwhile investment in their happiness.

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