Dog Grooming

All Dog Grooms/Baths include:

paw print Premium shampoo and conditioner specific to your pets needs (hydrating, de-shedding, hypoallergenic, chlorhexidine medicated, flea treatment).
  The products we use are paraben free, cruelty free and made in the USA.
paw print Nail Trim/Grinding to shorten and smooth sharp edges
paw print Blueberry Facial Wash (tear-free)
paw print Blow-Out to remove dander and dead coat
paw print Sanitary Trim and Paw Trim
paw print Seasonal Embellishment (bow/bandana)

1) Bath with De-shedding- Priced per size/weight/breed of dog
If your dog needs a good soaking bath with conditioner and brush out this is your service and includes all elements listed above. De-shedding shampoo may be used along with tools and techniques to maximize removal of shedding coat.

*Priced at $90 per hour plus sales tax with small dogs usually taking about an hour and large dogs 2+ hours


2) Full Coat Groom- Priced per size/weight/breed of dog
If you would like a breed specific trim, a basic “puppy cut” or have a picture of a groom you would like for your companion, this is your service. Full coat grooms include all elements listed above, plus clipper work and hand scissoring.

*Small dogs priced $75-90 plus sales tax (<20 pounds)
*Medium dogs priced $95-140 plus sales tax (over 20 pounds up to 50 lbs)
*Large dogs priced $150+ plus sales tax (more than 50 pounds)

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