Cat Grooming

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Cats are creatures of their own! The below is a menu of cat grooming services. Once your kitty is assessed, options will be discussed that would best meet his/her needs.

Definition of a CAT GROOM- “A process, using specific tools of the trade, the primary purpose of which is to achieve effective and lasting results with a positive impact for both the cat and the owner. Real grooming produces real results. The process can include shaving or clipping and ALWAYS includes basic standard care such as a bath, blow-dry, de-mat, nail trim, cleaning of eyes and ears and any other procedures required to leave the cat’s skin and coat clean, un-matted, and free of debris or undesirable effects” – NCGIA

All Cat Grooms include:

• A complete bath using a shampoo specifically designed for cats to produce a beautiful clean coat.
• Blow dry to remove dander and dead coat
• Nail trim
• Ears and eyes cleaned
• Comb out with de-matting if minimal/few tangles in the coat are present

Grooming Options

Full Coat Groom-Short Hair- priced at $ 85-100 plus sales tax depending on size of cat
Full Coat Groom-Long Hair- priced at $ 95-120 plus sales tax depending on size of cat and includes a sanitary trim.

Lion cut- priced at $ 100-110 plus sales tax, additional mat/pelt removal charges of 20-40$ applied for significant matting.

Comb cut (aka Teddybear trim) $120-130 plus sales tax. This groom includes a sanitary trim, full bath/blow dry and comb out before the haircut is done.

Additional Add-on Services

• Belly Shave – $10
• Soft Paws application – $20

Cat Grooming Styles

Click on pictures below for grooming options: