Cat Grooming Services

Doggy on Board Mobile Grooming is pleased to offer specialized cat grooming services. I have had the pleasure of taking care of cats in towns such as Newburgh, Warwick, Walkill, Yorktown Heights, and Poughkeepsie. Each and every cat I see has at least one of the problems cat owners experience when living with these creatures:

– Long, sharp claws that tear at furniture or skin
– Liter stuck in cat paws
– A smelly cat, that may smell of urine
– A matted cat or a cat with dreadlocks
– A cat with waxy ears
– A cat with fecal matter stuck to their bottom
– Fleas
– Hairballs on the carpet
– Cat hair all over furniture and clothing


For far too long the general population, cat owners included, have been told that cats groom themselves. In actuality cats do not “groom” themselves but rather lick themselves. The result is a very different outcome when compared to a professional groom. The form of cat grooming that cats do on themselves (ie. licking) does nothing to eliminate fleas, take care of mats, wash and dry the coat, wash away dander, get rid of dandruff, clean ears or trim nails.

Here is a cat I recently was presented with for grooming. She has a short hair coat, and had not been groomed before.


What you see here is the matting of the coat. Cats are greasy creatures. Their skin produces oils that get absorbed by their coat. This eventually causes a sticky oily build up. When these oils accumulate, shedding hair sticks to the coat rather than falling away, creating small tangles. In time hair collects around the tangle and gets bigger and bigger ultimately leading to matting. When the process continues, generally as a cat ages, large mats form ultimately leading to a pelt that covers the entire cats body. Matted and tangled pelted coats create discomfort, sores, infections, and inhibit movements as well as the ability to eliminate.

Regular bathing and blow-drying takes care of these oils and prevents matting. This also decreases shedding, ingested cat hair and associated hairballs, and can decrease allergy symptoms. Why wait for a problem to seek out professional grooming?

Prevention is key and what you will get is a beautiful and healthy cat!!

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