Benefits of Mobile Grooming

Visits to the groomer tend to cause stress in many of our pets

The mobile grooming environment helps to reduce stress and provides the following benefits:

1. Mobile grooming eliminates the need to travel. Whether it’s a large soiled dog in your car, or cats that are notoriously bad travelers, the added stress on your pet, time and potential work involved in cleaning up your car is avoided.

2. Having a mobile groomer pull up into the driveway and take in your pet for immediate grooming eliminates the need for owners to lift and carry crated cats or small dogs. This is especially helpful for older adults who may also have physical limitations but still would like to get their pets groomed on a regular basis.

3. The mobile grooming environment is always feline exclusive, which is a real benefit when working with cats.

4. Quiet, calm, and one–on-one is always a good thing that mobile grooming brings, especially for senior pets or those with health issues.

5. Turn key service allows the flexibility of getting your companion groomed even when you’re not home. Leave for work with a dirty pet in need of grooming, and return home to find a perfectly groomed and clean companion waiting for you!