About Doggy on Board

The Finest Grooming at Your Doorstep, No Bones About it!


I want the grooming experience to be pleasant for all those involved!
I treat each pet with the love and respect that all animals deserve. I take the time to approach each pet as an individual, with individual needs. Pets are often anxious about visits with the groomer, so it is my goal to create a calming, quiet and relaxed environment. I take the time to get to know your pet and how he or she best handles the grooming process. This allows him or her to relax and we will develop a trusting relationship. For example, I will take the time give a senior pet rest breaks; allow your puppy to get the wiggles out or adjust the order of the grooming process to help to reduce stress.

What I Stand For –

Gentle Hands, Kind Heart

paw print I treat every animal in my care with the utmost compassion and patience they deserve.

Safety and Cleanliness

paw print The Safety of your pet is always top priority. Cleanliness, order, and organization of the mobile salon help to establish a safe grooming environment. My attention is always focused on your pet and if there appears to be any source of distress, the groom will be stopped until the cause identified and alleviated.

Personalized Customer Service

paw print I will take the time to listen to you and your pets’ needs, concerns, and desires for a groom, as well as provide recommendations for coat maintenance between grooms. I want you to be excited when you see your pet looking freshly groomed, styled and feeling fabulous!

About Me

amy mack

During my first career spanning 20 years in the field of clinical pediatric and neonatal nutrition, I have always had my hands in the field of caring for animals. I have worked as a zookeeper at the Los Angeles Zoo, on a horse farm in Switzerland, as a volunteer at St. Huberts animal shelter, and at various veterinary offices.
My passion for animals extends to my family as well which includes 2 Miniature Dachshunds, a Citron Crested Cockatoo, and 2 Guinea Pigs. I sort of fell into pet grooming while living in Seattle, where I attended Maser’s Grooming Academy and subsequently have fallen in love with the profession.
I continue my education with professional conferences and am currently in the process of earning my certification as a “Feline Master Groomer (CFMG)” with the National Cat Groomer’s Institute of America. I am excited to bring mobile grooming to the Hudson Valley and it is my mission to deliver the highest quality and compassionate grooming services for your pet!